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The doctors at Anti-Aging & Wellness Center use holistic, integrated, complementary and alternative ways to help relieve symptoms and improve the health of our patients. We have treated many patients frustrated with their symptoms, which are not “in their heads”. We believe in treating the whole patient and not the laboratory data. We take great pride in learning new advances in medicine to help our patients. Are you looking for a doctor who uses bio-identical hormones to treat pre-menopausal or menopausal issues in women, and testosterone issues in men? You have come to the right place!
We appreciate your putting your trust in us and we will do the best we can always. As with any relationship, communication is key, and we invite you to voice your concerns in order for us to meet your specific needs.

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What patients say about the Anti-Aging & Wellness Center

  • Professional but with genuine interest in my general life issues. Feel comfortable discussing "any" issue.

  • Dr. Phillips is easy to talk with and makes you feel comfortable. Enjoy the fact she takes her time and not rushing you with your appointment. Thank you!

  • Office staff are friendly & helpful. Dr. Phillips takes the time to thoroughly explain everything & to listen to questions. She offrs multiple options, explaining fully all aspects of treatment.

  • Finally a medical doctor who listens to your concerns, and reviews all of the lab work performed meticulously. Encourages the patient with professional advice to live a longer and healthy life.

  • Dr. Phillips is very professional and compassionate. I really like her. Shes awesome I have recomended her to a couple people already. Love her.